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Our offering is as individual as our clients and ranges from stand-alone services to turnkey solutions shaped around specific requirements

Before you relocate

Planning prior to arrival is key. We support you in getting to know life in Bonn, housing areas, school options or arranging a discovery visit. Our objective: Enable you to take the right decisions from the start

  • Discovery visits - Travel planning, airport pick up, accomodation, city tour, welcome brochure, etc.

  • Move - Request quotes, assist with  supplier selection, overall planning, car import, pets, etc.

  • Housing - Search criteria, search, visits, temporary housing, etc.

  • School - Overview school system, search, visits, admissions, etc.

  • Finance & admin - Initial consultation regarding cost of life, tax, healthcare, driving permit, etc.

  • Immigration - Assistance with visa or work permit applications through specialised partners, translations, legalisations of documents, etc.

When you are here

On the ground, we secure housing 

& schools, fulfil administrative tasks,  

contract utilities and offer you ongoing support.  We are by your side, giving you the peace to enjoy your new home

  • Move - Coordination, receipt of goods, storage, mail forwarding, etc.

  • Registration - Bank, city, tax, utilities, TV, internet, phone, insurance, car, dogs, etc.

  • Housing - Search, visits, contract negotiations, property handover,  etc.

  • School - Registration, medical exams, language courses, etc.

  • Partner - Facilitation of language and intercultural training, title recognition, etc.

  • Mobility - Car import, car rental or purchase, driving permit transfer / exams, etc.

  • Ongoing support -  Childcare, petsitter, domestic staff, medical visits, emergency support, etc.

When you leave

Leaving is never easy but we keep your back free so you can focus on new endeavours. We ensure a rapid and cost-effective wind down of your setup in Bonn - irrespective if you are still here or have already left

  • Contract review - Review exit clauses, plan timelines, quantify termination costs, etc.

  • Terminate contracts - School, car, house, insurances, bank, utilities, TV, Internet, phone, etc.

  • Housing - Return of house, exit repairs, reimbursement deposit, etc.

  • Move - Quotes, supplier selection, planning, car export, animals, etc.

  • De-register - City, tax, car, animals, etc.

  • Admin - Handling of final invoices post-departure, mail forwarding, travel arrangements, etc.



As a Mexican lawyer, living and working in Mexico City, I first moved to Bonn in 2006. Despite expecting a change in weather, language and culture, I underestimated the size of the challenge. My husband, a European citizen, was familiar with the culture and fluent in German but for me the situation was not easy. Adjusting to my new life in Germany required substantial efforts and sometimes led to misunderstandings; some of them funny, others less.

In the meantime, our family was blessed with two sons. We lived and worked in Mexico, the UK and the US, from where our path always brought us back to Bonn. I gathered substantial experience of what it takes to successfully relocate to & from Bonn taking into consideration the requirements of the entire family and sometimes subtle cultural differences.


This is how “Moving to Bonn” was born. Today, I am handing on my experience and “lessons learnt” to people who are in the process of calling Bonn their new home – for a short or longer period. More than a job, it is my passion to find the right solutions for my clients and have them enjoy their time in Bonn.


I am looking forward to be in touch and make your transition as seamless as possible!


Brenda Guillen



A remarkable city with many faces, a longstanding history and an exceptional international community - here a few first impressions


"We have walked around the neighbourhood this past week and love it.

It is peaceful and a great location for us."  

"We loved the apartment and feel absolutely charmed by the neighbourhood".

"You have done a fantastic job, the option you found us is better than what we ever expected"


"Your support in negotiating with the landlord and real estate agent has been invaluable.

Without you, I wouldn't have been able to secure this property"



Moving to Bonn

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